Three Essential Steps To Healing and Happiness

©2004 by Cliff Custer


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 Face Your Shadows 

Chapter I
The Shadow: The Hidden Source of Sorrow
Your Shadow’s Elusive Nature 
The Anger Cycle Chart 

Chapter II
Discovering Your Inner Advisor 
Your Contact With The Infinite 
Psychoanalysis as Ego­analysis 

Chapter III
Healing Friendship In Shadow Work 
The Wisdom Of Knowing That We Don’t Know 
Facing The Shadow With Non­judgmental Love 
Hatred Equals Mental “Murder” 
The Miracle Of Seeing Things Differently 
How To Find A Healing Companionship 
The Helplessly Shadowed Find Help 
Soul Creation Versus Ego Fabrication 

Chapter IV
Embracing Your True Self

Plugging Into The Power 
Finding Past Shadows In Present Pain 
Questions and Answers from Step One:
Face Your Shadows 

Forgive Your Perceived Shadow Makers 

Chapter V
Love And Forgiveness 
The Light of Love On Our National Shadow 
Forgiveness > Love = Light 
Forgiveness As The Path To Healing Reality 
Twenty­first Century Science And Forgiveness 
A Miracle Of Transformed Perception 
Unforgiveness And Past Flawed Perception 
The Choice To Be Right Or Happy 
The Power Of Perfection’s Vision 

Chapter VI
Challenging Old Beliefs

The Global Moral Shift 
The Vision Outside Our Cave 
Humanity As A Hologram 

Chapter VII
Forgiveness In Our Three Level House
(A Blueprint Of Our Being) 

The Three Level House DIAGRAM 
The Nobility of Volitional Forgiveness 
Subconscious Forgiveness and Love 
An Ideal­Normal Mother List 
An Ideal­Normal Father List 
The “X” Factor in Perception 
Soul Love and Forgiveness 
Soul Forgiveness ­ Finding Heaven in the Holocaust 
Questions and Answers from Step Two:
Forgive Your Perceived Shadow Maker 

Form A New Model

Chapter VIII
Producing The New Emotion Picture 
Your Emotion Picture Theatre 
Our Trusted Inner Advisor 
Jesus Speaks 

Chapter IX
Reflections On The Conversation With Christ 
Model Forming 
Script­Changing People 
How To Internalize Your New Model 
A Happy Marriage Created From Within 
Your Creative Genius For Building A New Model 

Chapter X
The Strategy For Victory Over Global Conflict

Learning From Successful Peacemakers 
The Terrorists’ Strategy In Peacemaking 
Polarization And The Triumph Of Light Over Darkness 
The Currency of Peace Power 

Questions and Answers from Step Three:
Form A New Model 

Chapter Notes