Chapter II

 Discovering Your Inner Advisor

To rediscover the “secret” of precision guidance for healing and happiness, you must enlist the help of your Higher Power ­ God as you understand Him. As surely as any down­in­the­gutter drunk, you need to ask the Source of all wisdom to shine Light on your darkened self­understanding. Dr. David Bresler, while director of the U.C.L.A. Chronic Pain Clinic, demonstrated the power of this Power in the arena of applied medicine. He developed a program for the relief of pain, a system available to anyone that medicine or surgery couldn’t touch. It realized a 97 percent success rate. Within the walls of that modern medical facility he taught his patients an ancient truth : We have a Source of information and healing within. It only awaits our recognition and response. Call It what you will, it doesn’t seem to matter. Bresler refers to it as your “Inner Advisor.” Others prefer “the Voice for God within.” In Evangelical Christianity, the religious tradition of my youth, it is called “The Holy Spirit.” They all refer to the same Master Mind which can guide our minds if we permit It.

Great Historic Witnesses To The Power of Our Inner Advisor

Great souls have known this secret of peace and happi­ness from antiquity. Socrates, than whom there is none greater in the ancient Greek world, is one such witness. He gave clear testimony to this inner Voice before his death in the 5th century B.C. He had been warning the youth of the city­state of Athens that they would destroy their world if they didn’t abandon the dissolute life their parents were living.

Public outrage against him led to his trial before the Athenian Senate. The senators told him that if he didn’t cease and desist his rabble­rousing insurrection, he would be sentenced to death by lethal ingestion, a cup of hemlock. Socrates’ response, recorded by Plato, revealed the Source of his ethical and spiritual certainty. He told the Senators that a ‘Spirit’ spoke to him each day and faithfully warned him if he was to face any misfortune. Since he had received no such warning that day and he was about to be put to death, he confidently concluded that what lay beyond death is good! Reaffirming his message to the youth of his day, with a tranquility that baffled and troubled his executioners, he drank the deadly potion and embraced his immortality. Such illumined guidance makes the shadow of death or any other Shadow impossible. Boundless happiness is always its gift.

Spiritual Mastery And Our Inner Advisor

Five hundred years later, Jesus perfected this response. “I do nothing of myself,” he told the confused witnesses to his spiritual genius, “I do only what the Father gives me to do.” Out of this guidance emerged a life of unparalleled happiness and power.  It is foolish of us, don’t you think, to blindly stumble through life with what amounts to little more than educated guesswork, at best, when such precision guidance is available?

Your Custom Made Inner Advisor 

What is noteworthy about Bresler’s approach is that he removes the idea of spiritual guidance from the exclusive arena of sectarian religion. Through a process of visualization, he taught his patients to discover their Inner Advisor in whatever form they were able to accept. This is important. Many seekers after truth are not up to pursuing mystical enlightenment. The idea of angels, spiritual messengers or the Holy Spirit leaves them confused or turned off. For some people who were cursed in childhood by hypocritical and loveless religion, the religious world itself is their Shadow.  There are even more good people who are tired of religious dogmatists who believe they have the whole ocean of God’s truth in their little, religious teapot.  They identify with Woody Allen who said, “ I was walking down the street the other day when someone threw a Bible at me. Fortunately, the Bible hit a bullet in my pocket, and the bullet saved my life!” For such walking wounded, Bresler’s approach is a loving path to inner guidance.

A patient with such a skeptical mentality came to Dr. Bresler’s pain clinic. She was a bright, left hemisphere research chemist dedicated to empirical science, not spirituality. She was directed to his clinic because of chronic migraine headaches. Using guided affective imagery, Bresler asked her to visualize an inner advisor. Let it be anything ­ a person, an animal or even something inanimate. She imagined herself in a lovely natural setting, a forest. After a moment she said, “I see him. He’s a green leprechaun!”

“What is the leprechaun’s name?” Pausing again, she replied, “He said his name is ‘Harvey.’”

He instructed her to ask Harvey what she should do to relieve her migraines. Her response was recorded for later transcription, the protocol with each patient in the program. The material Harvey covered had to do with emotions, diet, and some recommended daily disciplines. A panel of physicians reviewed the material, deemed it appropriate and gave it to her to apply. 

Six weeks later she returned to the clinic and informed Dr. Bresler that she had not had any headaches since applying Harvey’s advice. “But,” she protested, “since you said that Harvey was a part of me, why do I need to go to a silly leprechaun for advice? Why not just go to me?” Bresler knew where to get the answer. “Why don’t you ask Harvey?” he said. She closed her eyes and went to her imaginary trysting place. There stood her green clad sage. 

“Why did I need to come to you for advice?”

 Your Contact With The Infinite

She sat silently awaiting his reply. Then with a tone of amazement she said, “Harvey is holding a bright ball of light in his hands. The ball is spinning at a high rate of speed. A rainbow of colors is spinning off the surface of the ball.” The patient’s head recoiled slightly backwards. “The ball just exploded and Harvey is saying... ‘I’m your contact with the Infinite. Are there any more questions?’” 

Contact with the Infinite. That was her need and ours. This Contact will meet us where we are in our development. Availability has nothing to do with being spiritual. We are all totally spiritual. What decides how and how well we hear the Voice for God in each of us is how thoroughly we know our spirituality.

Suiting Guidance To Your Understanding

If you want answers but question your capacity to make contact with the Infinite, you will be given answers in a way that is suitable to you, free of fear.  As parents we know how to address a child on its level of understanding and vocabulary. Say your little child falls down and scrapes his knee. You may have a wealth of information the child can’t use and doesn’t need. The wound is homeostatic. Macrophages will clot the blood, building new tissue. T­cells will fight infection. This means nothing to a child mind.  Loving wisdom dictates a simpler approach. You kiss the “boo boo,” gently bathe and disinfect it and apply a band aid (preferably one with Barney dinosaurs printed on it). The Infinite Source of all wisdom relates to us with that same compassion. What we receive will always be tailored to our capacity to accept and understand.

The Voice for God in us reflects it Source.  It is love as God is love. Dr. Deepak Chopra said that when he gives lectures in medical schools, he defines God as “a non­local field of information with self­referral cybernetic feedback loops.” That may be a helpful description for many medical students. However, Love would speak in quite different terms to Moses. He stood before a burning bush, aflame but not consumed. Out of the fire came a Voice. When he asked the identity of the incendiary theophany, it said, “I am. I am that I am.” It profoundly communicated to Pharaoh when Moses ordered, “In that Name I command, let my people go!” That Name was carefully crafted divine guidance that would redirect history. It sent down roots that to this day feed the finer, enlightened spiritual foliage of our world.

But don’t be intimidated by such grand moments of divine communication. Remember the jackass who spoke to the Biblical prophet Balaam. In the story a jackass was used to communicate with a person who was stubborn as a mule. It shows to what lengths our Inner Guide will go to get the message across to us when we want guidance but our egos resist.

The One Requirement For Guidance

There is only one requirement: we must commit ourselves to truth. Without equivocation, we must will to eliminate the Shadows that keep us from releasing our imprisoned splendor. The atheist or agnostic may say without reference to God, “I will to know the truth.” The one who knows God, other than by hearsay, may affirm, “I will to know and do the will of God.” Both statements say the same thing and will realize the same results. What determines the clarity of the guidance received is never theology, but intention. What is your purpose? Is your intention to know the truth undivided? If the will to be guided is not a passion, you need only to will that it be so. If you question the purity of your purpose, again, will that it be made pure. That is all. Be willing to be made willing. The whole of God’s love and power stands ready to assist anyone who so much as whispers the thought that they are willing to be made willing to know and live the truth.

Your will is the most powerful and decisive part of your consciousness; it is the most God­like. It is the rudder of the craft of your life. When you will to align your will with God’s, you will discover direction so profound and precise that your life will be effortlessly transformed. Turned around, you will be brought to a safe haven of peace and happiness.

As you seek to implement this power, do not confuse the will with wishful thinking. The latter arises from the sub­conscious. Its source is the ego. Its goal is self­gratification without regard for God or others: I want something because it appears pleasurable. This attitude deepens Shadows. It never dispels them. In fact, the ego is the proud sponsor of all our Shadows. It is the one part of our consciousness that will do anything. It will lie, deceive, disrupt, anything to hold on to our deadly Shadows.

Psychoanalysis As Ego­analysis

Freudian analysis is essentially the study of the ego. “Psychology” derives from the Greek word “psuche” meaning “soul”­ the study of the soul. Ironically, it developed into anything but that. Rather, it became the study of the ego madness and illusions of a group of upper middle class Viennese neurotics.

Freud’s analysis was masterful. He describes the insanity of the ego world perfectly. From the study of his patients he concluded that the basic human drive was pleasure. This lies at the heart of the ego’s wishful thinking. Replace the word “ego” for “human” as he describes our insanity, and his conclusions are flawless. Pleasure is our ego’s basic drive. His next logical deduction is equally accurate. He perceived that the human consciousness is “necrotic.” That is, we all live with an unconscious death wish. He missed the human psyche, our soul, completely, which has the will and capacity to live forever. But as an analysis of the ego, Freud’s conclusion was brilliant. Pleasure is the flip side of pain and death. The road the ego’s wishful thinking builds always dead ends at a graveyard.

Our will, on the other hand, emanates from the mind of God. It doesn’t have the words necrotic, death or suffering in its glossary. Its goal is to lead us to life, love and joy.  The will’s home is our soul, our spirit created in the image of God. Our soul knows who we are. Our ego doesn’t have a clue. In its delusion and blindness, it fearfully exalts our momentary little whitecap. Our fathomless Self witnesses to all, “God is love; therefore I am love. God creates; therefore, I create.”

Your soul knows that you are one with the whole Ocean of Life. It knows that you, the you that wills to be one with God and every living thing, are an infinitely powerful Child of the Eternal.

It knows that you were created by your Creator to create through perfect love and infinite wisdom. Your Shadows hide this Reality. That is why the first step toward the manifestation of your true splendor is to will to face each diabolic dark cloud in the subconscious.

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