To Lois Dickman, a gifted wordsmith who reviewed every word, sentence and paragraph for punctuation and clarity.

To Ted Smith. His heart and his art both deserve recognition. He took my pen­scratched concept of the “3­Level House” and created a graphic teaching tool I have used for 20 years.

To John Williams whose patient editing skill consumed weeks of his time so that the reader could see more clearly through this literary window.

To Dan Stephens who, for over thirty­five years, has faithfully chronicled everything I have written and taught. He has dogged me to take what I have learned and “get it out there.”

To all the workshop participants and clients who helped me learn as I taught, to be healed as I sought to heal.

To my soul brothers John Hooley and David Kyle. From my younger manhood they both saw more in me than I could see... until at last I saw it. Only then could I share my heart as I have in this book.

To Scott Ball, my nephew, whose enthusiasm over the book and his unselfish ability to get things done assured its publication.


To my beautiful wife, Sandra. She is the spice of my life as we collaborate in the goal of living the truth of this book.


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