The "Notable Soul" who is Walking the Golden Path begins her narrations with the following Preface:


Walking the Golden Path is about dimensional travel and my attempts to understand the inner process it requires. Your own travels may find you in these places, spaces and dimensions, if what Beloved Teacher has shared is true. So think of Walking the Golden Path as a travelogue. There are universal symbols and ancient Divine spaces, places and dimensions that are visited. Your soul will experience a perfect path for your highest good. Your inner teacher may show up as a gentle nagging feeling that something is afoot. What is it?  Simply stated it is manna from heaven. Our human DNA connects us all to these places of Love and light and to our stellar birthright. We are made of the stuff of stars. It's true: looking within you will find the vast kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


The painting to the  far left is titled

The Angel of Merging Upwards--

A Blessed Angel Blending DNA patterns into new pathways...

© 2005 by Gwen Mangum

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The passages below tell of the author's inward movement into multi-dimensional awareness. To learn more about this greater reality as received by Notable Soul from Beloved Teacher click here for availability of Walking the Golden Path in both paperback and  pdf formats.




The Crystal City 


My writing started in a way to help me understand, just for me what was happening.  A place to allow my healing and heartfelt desire to understand why my perceptions are so different from others.  Painting angels has been a very 'safe' way to communicate these perceptions.  And now writing about what I am observing on the other levels of awareness and how it works for me is finally becoming 'safe'.    I am trusting my heart and soul to lead me in my perceptions. 




Universal Awareness of the Beyond – Rising to the Stargate


The doorway to universal awareness of the Beyond has no name.  I call it the Stargate.  It has also bee called the door to the Shekinah.  This is her ancient name, but if defined by the qualities of the frequency I find she is beyond words and has no name. Humans desire to share this universal awareness of the Beyond, so names that define the beginning of the merging have come about.  To me a name is like a common door to the Universal Awareness of the Beyond.   Once going through the door (stargate) you find your self in a place that is totally designed with you in mind so that you can understand.  And so that you can make your self understood to others when speaking of what happens.  It is a sacred place and thus has been hidden from humanity.  For if we knew the way home and could go there at a moments notice, we would all know our Oneness and we would never have the state of the world we have now.  This was the fall, the fall from awareness of the existence the Stargate of the Shekinah.  It is why Christ comes back, to lead us each to the door to our higher awareness.  It is why Christ awakens us now.  To be placed in the Cloud of Shekinah is to absorb Divine Love in a gentle and beautiful way.  It causes one to bring through Divine Love without fear.   She has depicted as a cloud and as a 'glory' surrounding Christ.




The Golden Thread


There is a golden thread that runs through Life.  It is the lost chord of our potential as human beings.  I have found it in times of great stress.  But find myself letting it go when things smooth out and become gentle again.  Or, perhaps, my grip becomes gentle also.  The exploration of this golden thread has led me to look back to my ancestors and forward to my children and beyond.  In tracing my background I see the golden thread flowing through the lives and hearts of my grandmothers and grandfathers.  If I see it as an actual golden thread and travel with far reaching memory to each one of them, blessing as I go, my ability to move into other times and places is enhanced.  I believe it is so for all human beings.


My intent and purpose in this writing is to heal the DNA within myself and restore it and reactivate my abilities from the beginning times.  But we can all work on this as we choose.  It's a daily touchstone for me. Parts of human potential have been shut down through pain and suffering.  It is the fire that we can walk through to become stronger.  Our spiritual selves have the ability to lead us back to the beauty and grace we have been gifted with.  It lies within us all.  Just doing the best we can as human beings individually has a consequence to all Life.  


We live in a sea of energy frequencies.  Walking the Golden Path places us directly on the highest frequency.  It might sound lofty, but to walk this path one must bring it all here to earth.  If it is left only in the thought realm, it will stay there.  To bring about change and shifting frequencies, a foundation must be stood upon.  The foundation is Love.  Living a life of loving and caring is more important that all the mental musings that are found in this writing.  It all comes back to Love.  The Golden Path is one that is anchored in Love, all encompassing, unconditional Love.   


Here is an example of how the golden thread was used in my life:  My last child was a difficult pregnancy, including bed rest for months.  He was late, due on the eighth of the month, it seems I was in labor for weeks before he was born.  The labor pains required concentrated breathing.  While meditating on becoming more relaxed, I saw a golden thread wrapped around the cervix closing it off like a twist tie, so I would gently remove it and tell the baby, "It's time to be born."  The labor pains would begin again 5 minutes, then 3 minutes apart and then suddenly stop.  I would meditate again to relax and there would be the golden thread closing everything off.  This went on for a week.  The next Dr.'s appointment I asked for another ultrasound, but he felt it was unnecessary.  I was scheduled the following week for an induction.  It was felt that labor would surely begin before then since I had four previous regular births.  But, it was not to be.  I entered the hospital.  For two days they gave me medication to start the labor.  I kept saying, something is wrong, the baby is going up not down.  And, then there was that golden thread.  Finally, a c-section was performed.


When the Dr. began, he said, "Uh, Oh, what's this?  The uterus had completely twisted around and was sealed off as if a twist tie had been placed around the bottom!  I told the doctors and nurses about my meditation and how it all made sense to me now.  They were very quiet.  Matt was ten pounds four ounces and because of his large size, the contractions had caused the womb to twist.  The Dr. told us we were very lucky that we did not both die from during all the twisting.  I think it was more than luck.  Matt was actually pushing with his feet, away from being born.  The golden thread kept the womb closed and safe until the surgery.  Had it not been there, I wouldn't be here to write all this down.   And Little Matt, the Acrobat wouldn't be here either to bring our family love and joy.  


The golden path creates new pathways in our brains and in our souls and spirits.  It is very real to me.  I see it as a golden thread weaving through all my life.  And, it has made a huge difference in the way that I live my life.  It is a touchstone, and helps me to remember who we all are.  Beloved Ones of the Source of All Love in the Universe.  


Which is why I paint angels and write heavenly discourses to help us all remember, see and feel who we really are.  Bright Blessings for each other.


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